Gravel Jackets

Gravel Jackets for Gravel Bike Tours, Bikepacking, and Everyday Use

The perfect gravel jacket and a gravel bike have one thing in common: Both are incredibly versatile and can't be pigeonholed.

A gravel bike offers you absolute freedom during bikepacking. Go wherever you want, on any paths you can find, and set up your tent exactly in the most beautiful spot that this journey gifts you. But gravel bikes not only promise outdoor fun; they are also optimal for everyday use, for example, commuting to work. And it's precisely these applications that garments like gravel jackets cover (and many more in between).


What Clothing do Gravel Bikers Need?

Gravel bikes have become established; they are not only a solid part of the cycling world but are even among the most popular bicycles overall. However, when it comes to suitable gravel clothing, there are still many question marks. Should you wear loose and casual clothing on a gravel bike, similar to what we know from mountain biking? Or should it be the tight outfits like those on road bikes? And what about bikepacking? What jackets, pants, and shirts are best for these gravel adventures? Everyday clothing, perhaps? Or any sportswear? And what do you wear when you're just quickly riding to the office with your gravel bike? Our answer to these questions is: Platzangst Gravel Clothing is precisely made for all these occasions!

Here's the rule of thumb: The longer you'll be on the gravel bike, the more important an adapted outfit becomes. And, as always on the bike, the bike jacket is one of the most important pieces.

Gravel Jackets for Long Tours

On bikepacking adventures and long rides (day trips or multi-day tours), it's crucial to wear a waterproof upper layer of clothing. At the very least, you should always have a rainproof gravel jacket with you. If you don't need it – even better! But a good functional jacket is indispensable for gravel biking. No weather report is entirely waterproof, and if you plan to sit on the gravel bike for several hours or even days, you may be surprised by a downpour. Taking shelter somewhere for you and your bike is not always possible, so you have to expect that you might find yourself standing in the rain now and then. You might think it's not a problem since getting wet dries eventually, so you just keep riding? Well, you haven't accounted for the wind while riding! There's nothing more malicious than cool wind on wet clothes! Even in the summer, a cold is practically guaranteed, believe us! For longer tours and bikepacking, we recommend purchasing one of our lightweight, waterproof gravel jackets.

A lightweight gravel jacket for rainy days is a fine thing! 


You're heading out for a few hours of gravel riding – what jacket do you need then?

No clouds in any direction – it's likely to stay dry for your planned bike tour. You're usually on shorter rides and can, therefore, better monitor the weather's development. Your issue is more the cool wind than wetness. In this case, a water-repellent windstopper is precisely what you need, especially if you're cycling in spring and autumn.

Even in summer, a lightweight gravel wind jacket or a vest may be necessary. When going downhill or taking a break, you'll need a thin jacket, especially if you've been pedaling hard and are quite sweaty.

Do you need a gravel jacket for everyday use?

It doesn't always have to be an extensive tour. Even if you want to ride to work in rainy weather, a good gravel jacket makes your life significantly more comfortable. Whether you're in a big city, a small town, or the countryside, for everyday life, a jacket with versatile functions helps you get through the day. However, here, the focus is primarily on appearance. Even if you don't have to follow a dress code at work, you should still be "properly dressed." For this reason, we designed our Platzangst gravel jackets to be visually suitable for everyday wear. They are optically suitable for any occasion, allowing you to wear them with your favorite clothes, whether you're cycling to work with your gravel bike or not. After work, you can enjoy your after-work ride in them.

So... which gravel jacket should I buy now?

Gravel jackets come with different capabilities. You can buy from us gravel rain jackets, vests, or wind jackets.


Gravel jackets can come equipped with typical cycling features – in this case, back pockets.


  • Gravel Bike Jackets for Wet Weather

Did you know that the density of a jacket can be measured? Simply put, it works like this: Water is "stacked" on a defined area of the jacket fabric. At some point, the pressure of the water becomes so great that it drips through the fabric. The more water can be piled up on a piece of fabric, the denser the gravel jacket, and it is referred to as having a "jacket with a high water column." Our gravel jackets usually have a water column of 10,000 mm, making them completely waterproof. But for our waterproof gravel jackets, we also ensure that they are breathable. This allows moisture to evaporate from the jacket, making it feel pleasantly dry inside.

  • Windproof Gravel Jackets

Perhaps you don't need a rain jacket; you're looking for good protection against the wind. In this case, Platzangst wind jackets (you can find them under "light gravel jackets" in the shop) are perfect for you. These jackets are ideal for cool but dry weather, allowing you to feel comfortable. They are highly breathable, making them particularly comfortable when combined with a thin gravel jersey.

But why wear a wind jacket instead of a waterproof gravel jacket right away? Well – if you want to buy only one jacket for all occasions, a rain jacket is more versatile. If you want to be optimally dressed for every climate, you should be able to choose between a gravel jacket for rainy days and a windstopper; you then need both a windproof and a waterproof gravel jacket.

  • Vests

But it can also be without sleeves – vests are part of the standard equipment of a gravel biker. And even with our sleeveless gravel jackets, you have various options and can buy exactly the right function.

We have insulated gravel vests in the shop that you can wear in winter as an additional layer of warmth over your gravel jacket. Cold wind has no chance, and you get a light rain protection that easily handles drizzle or damp autumn air on top.

But there are also very thin but windproof vests – also known as gilets, which provide additional comfort during fast descents or shaded sections.

PSST – the secret of our gravel jackets

We also want to reveal the special feature of our vests and windproof gravel jackets to you. There's a problem every gravel biker knows, and we've solved it. Imagine you're riding your gravel bike. The headwind cools from the front, and your back sweats and sweats. Does that sound familiar? For this reason, our wind-resistant gravel jackets and vests are windproof at the front and breathable at the back. Quite easy, isn't it?


You'll definitely cut a good figure with a gravel jacket or vest! 


Is there also a special gravel jacket for winter?

If you're looking for a winter jacket for gravel outings, you can simply browse our winter jackets for mountain bikers. These thermal jackets also work excellently on the gravel bike! We keep asking ourselves whether we should develop a gravel winter jacket. And there are already some initial designs. But every time, we come to the realization that our Platzangst MTB winter jackets bring absolutely everything we expect from a good winter gravel jacket. Just check out the MTB winter jackets and see for yourself!



Again in summary: What is important for a gravel jacket?

  1. Functionality: In the conception of our jackets, we focused primarily on functionality. Because nothing is more important for a gravel jacket than that you can rely on it when it matters. After a sweaty bike tour, you want to sit by the campfire and enjoy the evening, no matter how cold, windy, and damp it is. Our jackets are therefore waterproof yet incredibly breathable.
  2. (Thermal) Insulation: For the colder seasons, we've designed classics like the GRVL Jacket, which provides you with additional warmth. Our insulated vest is ideal for wearing over one of our gravel jackets for additional warmth. But you can also simply opt for a thin, wind-resistant jacket.
  3. Style: Which brings us to the third important criterion of our gravel jackets: Style and details. Because for comfort, a gravel jacket not only has to function but also has to match your style. That's why we worked on our collection until we found a casual yet elegant style, which can score with small details such as pockets, zippers, accesses, and ventilation openings. Not to forget are, of course, the various colors of our jackets and the possibility to combine them with other gravel clothing, with our bibs, gravel pants, and leisure pants, for example. The jackets also go perfectly with our jerseys, and caps or socks complete the outfit.


Gravel Jackets Against the Gray Everyday

When you get yourself a gravel bike, you'll spend more and more time in the saddle; gravel biking is just too much fun to stand around in the bike stand for a long time! So that you can get a dose of good mood and exercise in any weather, you simply need the right clothing. And Platzangst delivers that!