Patrick Oehm

Name: Patrick Oehm

Location: Erding, Bayern

Sponsors: Platzangst

Main Discipline: Gravel and anything with 2 wheels ;)

Current "Bike of Choice": My 8Bar Mitte V3 in Aluminum, Custom built

Instagram: @thesupermanofsteel

Tell us about yourself, who are you and what makes you unique?
I am Patrick, 32 years old, a professional firefighter, and I love being on 2 wheels. For shopping, I use my Bullitt cargo bike, and in the bike park, I sometimes ride my Canyon Torque. But most of the time, I take my gravel bike and explore the world.

Racing or just cycling? And why?
For me, cycling is about having fun and, therefore, not a race. Even though I like to ride fast, it's just fun for me to bike, no matter how fast.

What is your best GRAVEL experience so far?
I ride a lot in Bavaria and the Alps because it's just around the corner, but also a lot in Italy and Croatia because I love the south.

Why do you love GRAVELING?
I used to ride more road bikes but often had to turn around when a gravel path came up, that's over now. Graveling, for me, is simply to START RIDING and not worry about anything.

What are you most proud of in your GRAVEL career so far?
Alpine crossing, cycling 10,000 km in a year for the first time, and that Platzangst supports me so well.

A tip you would give to a young GRAVEL kid who also wants to become a GRAVELIER.
Just get on your bike, water bottle, helmet, no GPS, and see where the next dirt road leads. Just have fun!