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Our Basics: MTB Shirts & MTB Shirts

Stylish and functional – that's the MTB shirts and shirts for men from Platzangst Progressive Freeride. The cool lifestyle shirts are perfect for the trail and beyond.

Through the Summer with Our Platzangst Shirts

Designed for your next ride and everything that comes after, the casual t-shirts from Platzangst Progressive Freeride are your go-to choice. The classic is the Logo T-Shirt in various colors: white, yellow, red, blue, gray, green, and black. A broad Platzangst logo adorns the chest, and a lightweight fabric ensures comfortable wear.

For a subtle yet stylish appearance, the Type Shirt is the way to go. The t-shirt comes with a casual yet body-hugging cut in different colors. It's an excellent basic t-shirt that pairs well with all your other bike clothing.

For a distinctive look, the Mountain Logo Shirt in various color variants is the choice. A mountain illustration adds a cool but subtle style. The simpler version of it is the Mountain Box Shirt, which pairs perfectly with many Platzangst MTB pants and MTB jackets.

"WE RIDE FREE" is our motto, and if you want to join us, you should grab our WE RIDE FREE Shirt. With this t-shirt, you show everyone what you stand for.

Like all MTB shirts from Platzangst, the All Day model is available in various colors. An ideal feel is achieved through the elastic polyester material, which absorbs a lot of moisture. It is, therefore, an ideal companion on your next mountain bike tour.

For all globetrotters, the World Wide T-Shirt is the right choice. The cool print leaves no doubt that you feel at home on any mountain bike trail in the world.

All mountain bike shirts from Platzangst Progressive Freeride benefit from functional materials and ensure a pleasant feel. The blend of polyester and cotton makes the shirts breathable and quick-drying.

Extra Style with Platzangst MTB Shirts

Casual has a name! The Mountain Ridge II Shirt is a stylish MTB shirt for on and off the track. It is a freeride shirt made of fast-drying and breathable material designed for all-mountain and enduro use.

The shirt is equipped with generous underarm ventilation and made of robust material. Paired with cool Platzangst MTB pants, the Mountain Ridge II Shirt is unmatched in terms of style.

In addition to our MTB shirts and MTB shirts, we can also recommend our short and long-sleeved MTB jerseys.

Features of Platzangst MTB Shirts & Shirts at a Glance

  • Quick-drying fabrics
  • Breathable materials
  • Generous underarm ventilation
  • Robust material mix
  • Casual yet body-hugging cut
  • Cool designs