Bikepacking Bags

Our Bikepacking Bags: Essentials for Your Adventure

Bikepacking means freedom, adventure, being outdoors, and enjoying nature. Whether it's a long bike journey through unknown areas or a short overnighter, it's about rediscovering yourself and Mother Nature with your gravel bike or mountain bike.

However, bikepacking also means packing your essential items. Because for every adventure, you need the right equipment, and it needs to be attached to your bike somehow. That's why at Platzangst, we decided to develop our own bikepacking bags.

Why Bikepacking Bags Make Sense

You won't reach the most beautiful and remote places in nature through highways but through hidden paths and trails, some leading through deep forests. Regular panniers won't get you far there, or at least, the fun is compromised. Integrated bikepacking bags in gravel or mountain bikes ensure an even distribution of the load, and nothing protrudes.

Additionally, bikepacking bags offer great flexibility. You can decide whether to attach one or three bags to your bike. For an overnighter, perhaps two bags are enough, and for a multi-day bike journey, you can set up the complete bikepacking setup. Moreover, you're flexible with your bike choice. Mountain bike for today's overnighter and a gravel bike for next week's gravel tour? No problem! Bikepacking bags fit on almost any bike.

Finally, a significant advantage of bikepacking bags is their low weight. You don't need an additional luggage rack, which means extra weight. The bags themselves are lighter than standard panniers. This allows you to climb hills faster and ride straight sections more swiftly. Speaking of speed: since bikepacking bags are much more aerodynamic than side-mounted panniers, you save a considerable amount of energy overall.

These are all objective arguments that clearly favor bikepacking bags. But there's also another factor: the style factor. Let's be honest, when our grandparents go on a bike tour, those big panniers are always there. However, these bags make even the hottest gravel or mountain bike look outdated and cumbersome. In contrast, bikepacking bags visually enhance your setup. They look dynamic yet elegant. The motto is: Style adds to the experience.

Overview of Our Bags

What's special about bikepacking is that you mount all bags directly on the gravel bike, without the help of accessories like a luggage rack. However, this factor also limits the total cargo volume, so bikepackers carry less rather than more. For these reasons, we have designed the following gravel bike bags, allowing you to store as much as necessary and as little as possible for your bikepacking adventure.

Our Top Tube: Quick Access to Your Gear

Let's start at the top of our bag collection, with the Top Tube. It sits on the top tube and offers you two liters of space for everything you need quick access to. It could be your phone, gels, bars, or the power bank to charge your navigation device. The straps on the bottom are adjustable, allowing you to fit the top tube bag perfectly to your gravel bike.

Our Frame Bag: Everything in the Frame

Right below sits the Frame Bag, directly in the frame triangle. With three straps on top and one on each side, you can securely attach this bikepacking frame bag to your gravel bike frame. The four-liter storage space can be filled with tools, spare parts, and clothing, for example.

Our Bottle Bag: Keep a Cool Head

Stay hydrated! For an extra dose of fluids on board, you can use our Bottle Bag. It can be installed with Velcro straps, for example, on the handlebars and stem, making it perfect for snacks or an extra water bottle. The elastic band allows you to easily open and close the Bottle Bag.

Our Front Roller: The Storage Monsters

Right in front of you are our Front Roller or Mini Front Roll. Our small Mini Front Roll is the ideal companion for long day trips or short excursions where you have a bit more with you. The best part is that you can use the small bikepacking bag with the detachable shoulder strap perfectly for city strolls as well. The six liters provide enough space for your camera, tools, phone, or wallet.

The big brother, our Front Roller, offers a whopping two liters more storage volume. But not only that, with two openings, you can access the bag from both sides, making it ideal for your cooking equipment, down jacket, or sleeping bag. The front elastic band is an excellent holder for your rain jacket or your vest.

Our Saddle Bags: Fire under the Butt

We affectionately call our Saddle Bags "Butt Rockets." Here, too, we've decided to offer two sizes to provide the right bag for different bikepacking tours.

The Saddle Bag is suitable for after-work rides and day trips. With two liters of volume, it has space for a puncture kit, an energy bar, and small tools. The small bikepacking saddlebag also has a small loop for the taillight.

The XL Saddle Bag is designed for big adventures. The many straps ensure that this bikepacking bag stays right where it is. This avoids your bikepacking equipment swinging or loosening in the seat pack. With four liters, it has enough space for your gravel clothing or your sleeping bag.

The Features of Our Bikepacking Bags

  • Water-repellent materials
  • Adjustable to fit any gravel bike
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Clever details for added functionality
  • Various sizes and applications