MTB Jerseys

You need MTB jerseys made by Platzangst!

It’s highly functional and stylish, it’s easy to wash and of course very comfortable, our mountain bike clothing certainly ticks a lot of boxes. Our Platzangst MTB jerseys in particular combine these features perfectly, please meet our multi-talented all-rounders. 

Our MTB jerseys are a perfect match!

What colors are perfect for MTB jerseys? It took us a while to figure that out. But we got there! Finally, we decided on a well-balanced color palette that makes your life much easier than bold and  bright colors. If you have a stack of PLATZANGST jerseys in your closet, you can just grab one, your shirt will most likely match the rest of your outfit. We prefer to avoid very light colors, by the way. Mud and foliage would leave their traces on those much too quickly, darker colors are easier to keep clean.

Our logo prints are discreet enough to wear to the office or wherever you’re headed. Combine our jerseys with a pair of bike pants, and you’re good to go and spend time on your MTB. You can also wear our shirts and jerseys with jeans or chinos and have an outfit for 24/7! 


Bike, office or pub – Platzangst MTB jerseys work everywhere!


Get comfy! 

A little too wide and your mtb jersey is flapping around you like a loose sail - not to mention the danger of a branch getting caught in the excess material and snatching you off your bike! A little too tight and your mountain bike might think you don't love it anymore and would rather ride a road bike.... The colors are important, but the shape also contributes to your clothing style. Behind the fit of a MTB jersey, there are always some practical considerations too. Our MTB jerseys have a body-hugging, but casual fit that makes sure you look good at any time. The not-too-deep scoop neck covers your base layers or protector shirt for a smoother look. It also keeps the wind and prying eyes where they belong – out. 

Depending on the weather, you can choose between short-sleeve MTB jerseys, long-sleeve and raglan sleeve versions.

Our tip: The Platzangst jerseys are regular sized, if you like your MTB clothing a little more roomy, simply buy a larger size.


 Browse our Platzangst MTB jerseys, you'll certainly find the shirt to match your style!


Lots of function for lots of MTB action

We manufacture all Platzangst MTB jerseys from breathable fabrics, because experience shows that this feature is the key to good mountain bike clothing. 

  • Thanks to these special fibers, moisture can evaporate to the outside, the inside of the shirts stays dry. Where there’s MTB action, sweat always follows closely behind, and that’s when you need moisture wicking garments!

  • Especially when demanding climbs alternate with short descents, a MTB jersey that does not stay wet the whole time is important for your comfort. For this reason, our jerseys are not only breathable, they also dry quickly. This makes our jerseys so much more comfortable to wear, even under your bike backpack, beneath protectors or under a jacket. Say goodbye to uncomfortable jerseys that stick to your back and cause you to cool down quickly in windy conditions.

  • Of course the fabric we use for our MTB jerseys is also flexible and stretchy. It leaves you enough freedom of movement in all situations, because it goes along with your movements.

  • Since the fabric isn’t too thick, you can wear Platzangst jerseys under a jacket, rain jacket, or sweaters and hoodies. It’s almost a shame, but our jerseys work great as a base layer under our rain suits, even if that means they are completely out of sight!


Goodbye smelly cycling gear - antibacterial MTB jerseys

You want to give everything you have, every ounce of energy, every drop of sweat. Well, your sweat itself is not the problem, the bacteria that mix with it cause the smell. And that's why we have MTB jerseys made of antibacterial materials in our collection. A specific composition of polyester and spandex fibers permanently prevents odors, it is also easy to launder, dries quickly and makes the jerseys breathable and stretchy. Ok, let's not beat around the bush.... you surely want to be known throughout the MTB community for your stunts, not the way you smell. Cutting back on the action to provoke less sweat is not an option. You simply need the right fabric around you, and you're good to go. Our jerseys are perfect not only for cycling, they work whenever it gets warm; from training sessions of any kind to warm days at the office, from multi-day hiking to festivals. 

Antibacterial PLATZANGST jerseys for men are also available with long sleeves and short sleeves

The MTB jersey that is fun to wear....

Quick drying, mud-friendly colors, stretchy ... somehow all this doesn't really sound like fun, does it? Not to mention that smell thing! But really, our focus is on one thing: Your biking adventure! We want you to feel great on your mountain bike. That's why we tinker with the function and shape of our bike jerseys until there's simply nothing left to improve. We also want you to be confident out there at all times, because you know that you'll cut a good figure even when you’re fighting your way back out of a mud puddle. That's why the cool look of our jerseys is so important to us. Our jerseys are durable and easy to clean, so you don't have to replace them sooner rather than later. You don't have to miss out on any stunt out of consideration for your shirt. You can just wear them over and over again without ever getting tired of the look.


The best Platzangst jersey for any conditions

Short sleeves and breathable, or long sleeves and warming fabrics... for different weather conditions you need different mountain bike jerseys. That's why we have all kinds of jerseys for you in the online store.

For the summer you should have some thin, short sleeved jerseys. But thin shirts with long sleeves are a great thing to have as well! If you wear long sleeves, you’ll return home with considerably less scratches! For your winter mountain bike trips there is even a jersey that comes with a hood. It fits under the helmet and closes the gap between your collar and helmet, an absolute must for an active bike winter! By the way, this hood is better than most hoods that come with a bike jacket. Unlike these hoods, it is stretchy and does not restrict the movement of your head. The helmet keeps it in place, so it won't be blown away by the airstream...


Our hooded jerseys will keep your head warm!


Jersey, t-shirt, long sleeve shirt or functional shirt?

Finally, let's sort out a few terms. What is a MTB jersey, what is a shirt, and when is a shirt a functional shirt or a t-shirt?

A shirt is simply a top garment. When it brings certain features, it becomes a functional shirt. There are warming functional shirts, or cooling ones; quick-drying or odor-resistant variants and so on. But it can also mean a functional shirt with buttons and a collar, like hikers often wear. A Shirt can also be a t-shirt – a stretchy, short-sleeved shirt with a crew neck that looks like a “T” when spread out (Platzangst makes great t-shirts too, by the way). Shirts are often made from natural fibers or a mix of natural and synthetic fibers. 

Jersey originally referred to an elastic fabric, but today it also means shirts that are particularly suitable for athletes. Their style is often adapted to a specific sport, for example, a jersey can be cut perfectly for soccer, mountain biking, field hockey or road cycling. In that case they bring a whole range of features that are particularly important for that particular sport. To adapt a jersey perfectly the athletes’ needs, synthetic fibers are used. Our favorite example is, of course, mountain biking. Not only is the shape of an MTB jersey particularly well suited to the riding posture, the fabric must be elastic and adapt to any kind of movement. There’s no mountain biking without falling, which is why MTB clothing is tear-resistant and robust. If you come back clean from the trail, you're lucky, but that's not the rule. Therefore, MTB jerseys must be washable and quickly dry again. Breathable and odor-resistant are important feel-good factors. Add a Platzangst logo, and there it is, the perfect MTB jersey!