Berni Havelka

Name: Bernhard Havelka

Location: Mallorca/Spanien

Sponsors: Platzangst, G-Form, 720protections, SQlab

Main Discipline: All-Mountain / Enduro

Instagram: @240bernhardhavelka,

Tell us about yourself, who are you and what defines you?
In 2012, I made the best decision of my life. After studying engineering in Austria, I moved to Spain to establish myself in the MTB industry and turn my hobby into a profession. Since then, I've been professionally and personally involved almost exclusively with mountain biking & sports mental training. Since 2019, I've also been training other MTB coaches to support bikers on their journey to becoming trainers. You can find my coach profile

Racing or just cycling? And why?
Coaching! Because my vocation is to accompany mountain bikers, improve their riding skills, and help them gain more mental strength. People are unique - and so are their goals! Whether an everyday athlete or racer, everyone has their individual goals with their bike, and I support them just as individually. Of course, I also ride mountain bikes quite a lot ;)

What is your best MTB experience so far?
There are several, but the best experiences are when bikers reach and often surpass their goals after putting in hard work, discipline, and a lot of time. These emotions naturally transfer to me and drive me.

Why do you love mountain biking?
Mountain biking connects! It connects me to nature and connects people, all pursuing a common goal: to have a good time on the bike!

What are you most proud of in your MTB career so far?
That I managed to make a living from mountain biking. I am very grateful for that and work hard to continually develop myself.

A tip you would give to a young MTB kid who also wants to become a pro rider:
Focus on effort, not results!