Gravel Bike Shorts

Gravel Pants and Bib Shorts for the Optimal Riding Position

Every time we hopped on the gravel bike, we weren't sure which pants were the right choice. The tight Lycra pants seemed unsuitable for gravel biking, just like the loose mountain bike shorts. So, we had to take action and design the optimal gravel pants ourselves.

The requirements for specific gravel clothing are high because it not only needs to withstand constant and high friction but also must be breathable and water-resistant. Additionally, it must enable a comfortable riding position for longer rides without discomfort. Any pinching in the crotch is an absolute no-go, and functional add-ons like pockets and zippers should not be overlooked.

The Special Features of Our Gravel Pants

The most important aspect of gravel pants and bib shorts is undoubtedly functionality. The best design and features are of no use if the gravel pants don't function correctly in various situations. That's why our Platzangst gravel pants and bib shorts not only differ in color but also in functionality.

The Rain Race Shorts are extremely water-resistant with a 10,000 water column, making them perfect for bad weather. On the other hand, the Platzangst Jogger Shorts are super comfortable, stylish, and still functional.

Our Platzangst Roads Short is, in our opinion, the best gravel pants for any use on gravel and asphalt. With its Aero Fit, it has a body-contoured cut but still provides enough space and comfort, allowing you to feel comfortable even in a beer garden. Our Platzangst Zeero Shorts follow a casual chino style and offer additional features such as high breathability and a zippered pocket.

However, design also plays an enormously important role in our Platzangst pants. We haven't just developed a single pair of shorts; we've produced them in various colors. The best part is that all Platzangst pants and bib shorts can be ideally combined while still being worn individually. This way, you can choose the style that suits you best.

The Platzangst Bib Shorts

With the Patron Bib and the Cargo Bib Shorts, we offer two different companions for your gravel adventures. The Patron Bib is the long-legged version for cold days, while the Cargo Bib is the short variant.

Both bibs are made of durable polyester elastane fabric, providing an optimal fit with sufficient support in the saddle. The material efficiently transports moisture outward, and the laser-cut leg cuffs with inner rubberization ensure a comfortable and athletic riding position—even on long rides. The small back pockets offer space for essential items such as money, an ID, or a debit card. Reflective applications on our gravel clothing ensure that you are visible even in the dark.

Here's a summary of the special features of our gravel pants and bib shorts:

  • body-contoured yet casual cut
  • high style factor due to various designs and colors
  • high level of functionality
  • perfectly combinable
  • thoughtful details and pockets
  • robust and breathable
  • universally applicable