MTB Pants

A PLATZANGST MTB pant fits well – so you can ride comfortably!

You don't care which MTB pants you wear, as long as the freewheel hums along the trail smoothly? Sounds good, but unfortunately, it only works when the weather cooperates. And as long as you avoid crashes! A true mountain biker doesn't shy away from any weather conditions. Without top-notch clothing, weather-resistant yet breathable MTB pants that also provide some protection are a basic requirement.

The PLATZANGST Progressive Freeride collection equips you with functional MTB shorts for summer and long mountain bike pants for the cold season. Whether it's cold, warm, wet, dusty, downhill, or uphill, our MTB pants are the optimal work attire for your next trail adventure.

What should an MTB pant be able to do?

You want your MTB pants to be comfortable and durable. It depends on how they are constructed and what materials are used. Here, we reveal some of our trade secrets that make our MTB clothing so comfortable and functional:

  • Tear-resistant material: Your bike clothing should not only look cool but also protect you. Branches, thorns, and tree trunks or the ground in a fall – the robust material ensures that our MTB pants last long, and you come home unscathed.
  • Abrasion-resistant seat area: The seat area of an MTB pant undergoes a lot of stress. A chafing seat is problematic in two ways. It should not chafe but also not allow chafing on it. That's why our bike pants in the seat area have no irritating seams but a chafe-resistant insert.
  • CF = Cross Flex: On a mountain bike, you need to react quickly and flexibly to the terrain ahead. Your bike clothes shouldn't restrict you. Cross Flex stands for our specially developed fabric that stretches in all directions, allowing your MTB pants to provide the freedom of movement you need on the go.
  • Room for protectors: Coccyx protection, knee pads, or shin guards are worn over or under the MTB pants depending on the model. Platzangst bike pants provide enough space for them.
  • Easy cleaning: You don't want your sweat-inducing MTB action to linger for weeks. PLATZANGST MTB pants can be easily washed in the machine and dry quickly.
  • Adjustable waistband: Do you prefer to wear your MTB pants "high" or hip-hugging? At Platzangst, you can choose for yourself, as many of our pants have an adjustable waistband.

An MTB pant can be light, airy, and still functional.


In wind and rain, the MTB pants are better long!

For particularly challenging conditions, it's better if the MTB pants are long. There are good reasons for this: when it gets wet, it becomes slippery; when it gets slippery, the risk of falling increases. When it's cold, muscles cool down, and cold muscles never react quickly enough, increasing the risk of falling. In both cases, a PLATZANGST mountain bike pant "in long" is the perfect choice because it keeps you dry and warm. But it gets even better! Many of our pants are water-repellent or waterproof, just like that, without a membrane or coating! Furthermore, our MTB pants are made of robust outer material yet provide enough freedom of movement for technically demanding descents. Despite all the waterproofness and flexibility, our fabrics are also breathable. So, you can hop on your mountain bike with a comfortable outfit that always feels good, no matter the weather. All pants feature practical details like ticket holders, ventilation openings, or zippers, making them true multitaskers. If you can't decide between short or long MTB pants, detachable leg pieces are the rescue! They quickly transform long zip-off MTB pants (like our legendary Bulldog II) into bike shorts for summer.

But that doesn't mean our pants cling to you like a burden! Despite all these features, you can buy PLATZANGST MTB pants that are light and airy and remain comfortable even at high temperatures.

By the way, there are many bikers who wear their long mountain bike pants even in warm weather because the fabric can protect the skin in rough terrain, resulting in significantly fewer scratches, cuts, and abrasions.

Warm? Cold? Short? Long? Zip-off protects you from wrong decisions!


A flexible MTB pant? Look for "CF"!

Anyone needing more freedom of movement should definitely look for "CF" in the designation of our pants. The specially developed cross- and length-elastic material gives this MTB pant a lot of flexibility. "Cross- and length-elastic" means in this case: the fabric from which our pants are tailored is stretchable in ALL directions. No matter where you want to go, your MTB pant won't let you down. This is not only nice because you don't have to expect restrictions from your clothing, but this flexibility also makes our pants particularly durable. When faced with the choice between stretching and tearing, a PLATZANGST pant chooses stretching!

MTB rain pants for challenging weather conditions

We tinkered for a long time until we could offer waterproof MTB pants that behave like rain pants but don't feel like them. Our bike pants for rainy weather are so comfortable that you can wear them in any weather. If it stays dry and you haven't needed them... great. And if it starts raining... even better! Even on summer days, it can rain occasionally, and even if you're already equipped for bad weather with a rain jacket, a rain pant should definitely be in your backpack. You can simply pull it over your MTB pant, and the trail ride can continue, no matter what the weather does!

For those who don't want to leave their bike even in the toughest autumn storms, the DFL Suit is the perfect garment. The waterproof one-piece serves as both pants and jacket, providing great (and dry) fun even in pouring rain and muddy descents.

Let's make it short: MTB shorts

Are you one of those people who opt for shorts at 14 degrees Celsius and above? Then you should have a wide selection of shorts in your closet for the future, and MTB shorts should definitely not be missing!

With Platzangst's short MTB pants, you'll breeze through the summer effortlessly. The airy bike shorts are made of robust, breathable fabrics. Our super flexible, quick-drying short mountain bike pants are perfect for demanding trail riding. Large ventilations and integrated mesh layers ensure pleasantly cool legs on long tours and hot days. At the same time, our shorts don't look like training wear, so you can wear them anytime, anywhere.


You can also wear our MTB pants for warm days in the office!


When the weather is warm and wet: waterproof MTB shorts

Warm, wet weather poses special challenges for bikers. There's one thing everyone prefers to avoid. And that's a wet pant between the saddle and your behind. So that you don't torture yourself in a completely sweaty, long rain pant in summer rain, we have developed waterproof MTB pants with short legs. Here, you get an MTB pant with short legs that doesn't lag behind our other bike shorts in comfort but is absolutely waterproof with a water column of 10,000 mm – at least up to the knee. This MTB pant is about knee-length, has taped seams, and confidently withstands heavy rain showers.

Platzangst delivers MTB pants for every biking discipline

With Platzangst's bike pants, you are perfectly equipped for any weather. Whether in the bike park, on the Alpine tour, or on the pump track, men's MTB pants impress with high-quality workmanship and a casual style. To complete your outfit, you'll find the matching MTB jacket or various jerseys in different designs and colors here in the online shop. For a casual leisure look, PLATZANGST also delivers hoodies and shirts, and we're not too proud for small items like socks or caps.


And here again, the highlights of our MTB pants at a glance:

(depending on the model)

  • fully elastic material = CF or Cross Flex
  • breathable
  • waterproof
  • taped seams
  • particularly robust and tear-resistant
  • easy to wash
  • quick-drying
  • features like ticket holders, reflective applications, zipper pockets
  • optimal fit thanks to adjustable waistbands