Manfred Stromberg

Name: Manfred Stromberg

Residence: Innsbruck

Sponsors: Liteville, Syntace, Magura, Evoc, IXS, SQ Lab, Conti, Evil Eye Eyewear, Five Ten, and of course Platzangst

Main discipline: offroad-cycling

Instagram: @manfred_stromberg

Bike of Choice: Liteville 301 Mk 15.3, if it needs to be electric: Liteville 301 CE

Tell us about yourself, who are you and what makes you tick?
I am a father of two who lives in Innsbruck and loves mountain biking. My roots are in BMX racing, from which I switched to downhill. There I was in the national team, but that was back in the '90s. Since 1996 I have been giving riding technique courses and in '99 I founded the mountain bike school Bikeride in the Ruhr area. These days I give many courses in the alpine region and coach guides and riding technique instructors at the DIMB. I love to pass on my passion, share my great experience and always learn more. Today I might say I'm rather smarter than fast. ;)

Racing or just riding? And why?
Racing was. I did that for 35 years. It was great. Now just riding. Because I love it with all my heart!

What is your best MTB experience so far?
Every moment on the bike is the best experience, when I really live that moment.

Why do you love MTB riding?
The interaction of effort, challenge, nature experience, landscape, action and flow flips a switch in me that just makes me happy.

What are you most proud of in your MTB career so far?
That I can somehow make a living from cycling. And above all, that I still enjoy cycling as much now as I did when I was 11 years old. But I'm more grateful for that than proud.

Some advice you would give to a young MTB kid who would also like to become a pro rider one day.
Follow your passions and talents. Have fun. If it's right for you, a path will open up.