About us

At the beginning of the 90s we started to ride MTB and spent a lot of cycling in the mountains for some years. In addition to sporting successes of some drivers, however, it was always most important to have fun on the bike without constantly proving it in competitions. So we drove constantly in every wind and weather and have worn motocross pants.

But these were usually too heavy, too stiff and not comfortable enough with changing temperatures on Eduro and freeride tours. One day, for example, we completely disassembled a pair of trousers and began to design them completely and adapt them to the movement on the bike. André, our designer and his grandmother together sewed many hours on several prototypes. These were constantly modified after various test phases and fitted into further designs and styles.

We got residual quantities of hard-wearing outer fabrics from a direct manufacturer. Sewn from now on to own designs, with their own cuts and a selection of fabrics. That's how we sold a good dozen trousers a year.

But the child needed another name, so in 1999 we sat together for many hours and brooded over a fitting name of our freeride clothing. This should express exactly what we want to achieve with our clothes, to feel uncompromisingly free! So the name Platzangst Progressive Freeride came to mind, because for us mountainbiking is also the escape from the narrowness of the city, to go out to the mountain and to nature with the appropriate clothes for it.

Quickly, other friends and acquaintances were aware of our clothes and asked if we could do something for them. In 2005 Daniel Bohne and Andre Horak founded the Platzangst Progressive Freeride GmbH with innovative design and their own idea of ​​freedom.

PLATZANGST has been part of HOCO Online GmbH since 2016 and is managed by managing directors Daniel Bohne and Sven Mack.
The spirit of the brand and the technical demand for highly functional cycling clothing will continue to be decisive for upcoming collections.